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What is content marketing? Get the answer here

To become a skilled marketer, some of the hottest in marketing right now is content marketing. However, there are many descriptions and interpretations of what it really is. I try to get to know the topic by supplementing with this post

What is content marketing? Content marketing is also called content-based marketing. It is an activity or method by which you engage your recipients and audience, often to get them to share their content. It is a little opposite to traditional marketing, where here one tries to create more relevance to the target group.

Content marketing must address a problem

A keyword, if you look at the subject of the experience economy, is transformation. It means that people are constantly trying to improve and optimize themselves and their surroundings. It is probably also a bit close to the performance society, which gets a lot of focus at the moment, but here you can also draw parallels to content marketing.

  • Content marketing should not look like an advertisement.

For content marketing, try to uncover a problem that causes people to be involved in your content and spend time on it. Therefore, it is important that your content is either really fun or that it meets some of the five news criteria:

  • timeliness

  • Importance

  • Identification

  • Sensation

  • Conflict

If your content is exclusive it is an incredibly effective lure, which can be incredibly worth more than a traditional advertisement. With regard. For that with transformation it is at least my experience that people share a lot of knowledge with each other, especially through the internet.

It is because many people have gradually realized that they also help themselves when they help others. It is especially with good and fun knowledge that you can get really far. Do you sell a product that is not particularly sexy and you think it does not live up to some of the news criteria?Then do not throw the towel in the ring. It is still a good idea to spend time doing good content. Let's say you're selling electronic components. It is clear that there is a lot of focus on the latest versions and bestsellers.

However, there may still be much value in uncovering some problems for some of the other products. For example, I needed a new antenna box where I searched the web for what was of options. I was hanging on a page when they finally gave me the answer I was really interested in: How to mount your aerial can.

Here I got an easy-to-read six-point overview of how I solved my problem. Now, it is not so often that you replace your aerial can, but if I had some acquaintances who also had to replace them, I would end up helping them or simply sending that content to them, thereby creating more sales with  good content.
Same when I searched for new smartphones for my family. I found this great website called SmartphonesRevealed
 and shared it with my whole family, and some of my friends too. That is because of good and funny content. 

Marketing is many things

Marketing is also called marketing, and it is a very broad term. Basically, it is all the activities and methods that you try to increase your sales of an idea, product or service, and this usually applies both internally and externally to a company.

Marketing is impossible without good content

It is almost no matter which marketing strategy you choose to use, so it is better to do something with good content-based marketing. This applies both when you make inbound and outbound marketing.

5 things your content marketing helps you with

  1. Some-Marketing. Make sure you have some good content before you spend too much time promoting your business on the social media.

  2. SEO: Search Engine Optimization. You don't get high on Google with your webshop or website if there is no good content on it.

  3. PR: Public Relations. Like content set up according to the five news criteria, so you write about something that interests readers and not you as a company.

  4. PPC: Pays Per Click. If you make affiliate marketing or want a lot of traffic on your website, good content is crucial.

  5. Content Strategy: Everything in your business just gets easier if it is based on good and credible content. Therefore, it is important to spend time making some content that both yourself and the outside world can identify with, from planning, the employees and to the media.

One can easily write a much longer article on what content marketing really is, but here was middle quick bids in this blog post. I hope that you have uncovered your question